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Religion Kitendi
-Dress Code

When: July 1-2
Where: ODC Theater, 3153 17th St,
               San Francisco, CA 94110
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Religion Kitendi (Dress Code)

Religion Kitendi uses haute couture fashion as a point of departure to examine the prevailing legacy of the slave trade and European colonization of Africa. The piece invokes the worldview of Congolese sapeurs, dandily dressed men and women who endeavor to survive economic hardship and political turmoil by feeling good in their attire. There is an ironic humor in the sorrowful trend of people spending large sums of hard-earned money to seek joy and hope in kitendi (clothes). But these are acts of resilience that bring affirmative feelings of prosperity, and with them a sense of healing and belonging.

Religion Kitendi KDT- Kanugraphy65.jpg
Religion Kitendi KDT- Kanugraphy118.jpg
Religion Kitendi KDT- Kanugraphy174.jpg
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