​September 9-18 at CounterPulse.


80 Turk Street, San Francisco, CA // www.counterpulse.org

A visual voyage in time that paints the tensed stories of the Black bodies resisting slavery and seeking connection with the ancestral wisdom.    

The project connects Black bodies via their shared history, fight for liberties, and against slavery. It investigates the stories of the resistance and victories of captured Africans in the slave ships and the plantations during the Trans-Atlantic trade and slavery in the Americas, with a particular focus on the prowess of Nganga Nzumbi, a maroon leader who set free an entire community.

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Religion Kitendi - Dress Code

<<...as we find healing and joy in the clothes we wear, behind the scene stories are much somber. >>
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Nza Kongo

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival

July 10th, 2021

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Dance artist and choreographer Byb Bibene will present his latest solo work at the YBGF 2021. This project is part of a larger project titled Nkisi Nkondi-Sacred Kongo Sculpture. This solo explores the fact that many Africa have to travel in foreign lands on Europe or America to discover and see for the first time cultural sculptures that belonged to their ancestors. 

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