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Tracing Africa Circle
African Dance Histories & Philosophies

Tracing Africa Circle - African Dance Histories & Philosophies is a monthly circle of talk series and movement demonstrations that address the histories, theories, and philosophies applied to the practices of the multicultural dance forms of Africa.


Oakland based dance artist and educator Byb Kongo Bibene gives a response to the difficulty of finding public platforms, written and oral resources that treat about the dance histories and philosophies of the vast African dance cultures. Cultures covered are from West, East, South, North, and Central Africa. The platform operates as an open circle in which guest scholars, researchers, experts, and practitioners of African dance forms share their knowledge on specific topics in their area of expertise before a mix audience. For some sessions, we view videos of original dances as practiced in their original environment by specific ethnic groups. We then discuss our experience. At times we look at the evolution of traditional dances in time and space (practice in original soil versus practice in the Western world and on a performance stage).


The circle is open to the public free of charge.


Each session is co-presented and takes place at Eastside Cultural Center located on 2277 International Blvd, Oakland, California.

This month’s topic is the Communal Dances of the North. Belly dancer and writer Tammy Johnson is the guest speaker of the month.

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