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350 + Millions of Moving Targets

The 350 + Millions of Moving Targets is an intergenerational, multidisciplinary dance theater performance that addresses the ongoing refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. The work draws on my experiences as a refugee during the Congolese civil war and the role dance, music, and theater plays in healing trauma.

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Onye Ozi Fellowship

‘Onye Ozi’ (‘Messenger’)​ brings Bay Area artists of diverse African ancestry across disciplines to create work that uses their personal experiences and artistic practice as a virile catalyst for social change. Fellows will reflect on the embodiment of the term paired with the phrase ‘ọnụ ụzọ’ (portal), and how they/their work creates a pathway of discourse among new Black immigrants* and existing African American* communities.

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Nza Kongo

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival 
July 10th, 2021

All info: Here


Dance artist and choreographer Byb Bibene will present his latest solo work at the YBGF 2021. This project is part of a larger project titled Nkisi Nkondi-Sacred Kongo Sculpture. This solo explores the fact that many Africa have to travel in foreign lands on Europe or America to discover and see for the first time cultural sculptures that belonged to their ancestors. 

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