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The company presents works between the USA, France and Congo. Besides the creative and performance projects, the company has production projects; Mbongui Square Festival, a multidisciplinary art festival. Mbongui On Screen, a mini film festival featuring local and international dance and experiment films; Mbongui Kitchen, an event that gathers the community around cultural food, and Tracing Africa Circle-African Dance Histories and Philosophies.

In the US the company has been residencies and festivals such as The San Francisco International Arts Festival, The Black Choreographers Festival, Detroit Dance Festival, ODC Walking Dance Festival, the Fresh Festival, Concept Series, OMI Dance International, CHIME, CounterPulse Performing Diaspora, SADC residency Program, Afro Urban Society, Onye Ozi Fellowship.
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Founded in 2008 in the Republic of Congo, Kiandanda Dance Theater (KDT) is an international performing arts company based in San Francisco that makes choreographic work exploring themes around social justice issues. KDT dance aesthetic is rooted in the dance cultures of the Kongo people of Central Africa.
The company creates ethnic and contemporary dance works and aspires to bridge performing artists from Africa and the US via its two programs Mbongui Square Festival and Tracing Africa Circle-African Dance Histories and Philosophies. 



Kiandanda Dance Theater’s mission is to generate innovative performing art projects that address specific social and social justice issues that undermine the global human society. Through its Mbongui Square Festival project, KDT seeks to promote diversity, equity, education and an exchange of ideas through a multidisciplinary program that aspires to be a transformative experience for the individual and the community.

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